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Samuel Simmons

Healing Invisible Wounds Pioneer and Catalyst


Matthew Burton

Healing Invisible Wounds Champion

The Path to the Creation of Healing Invisible Wounds Summit

In 2015, our founder and CEO, Matthew (Matt) Burton, was invited to a meeting with city and county leaders from the city of Portland, Oregon. The group was made up of all women in prominent leadership positions. In 2014, they had attended Samuel (Sam) Simmons Black Men Healing Conference, Community Empowerment Through Black Men Healing in St. Paul, MN and were greatly impacted.

The four leaders decided to go back to attend Sam Simmon’s 2015 Black Men Healing Conference and invited Matt Burton to attend as they were interested in developing a similar conference for Portland.

After further discussion at this meeting in 2015, the leadership group hired Helping Men Heal, a non-profit Matt founded, to mange and deliver a version of Sam’s conference in Portland. The Summit was held in October 2016 and was made possible by involvement from Helping Men Heal, the four city and county leader group, Black Male Achievement Portland and other Portland community members. This Summit was well-received by more than 300 attendees.

From the time Matt met with these four leaders in 2015, he began to develop his own model. This model was created with great influence from Sam’s conference model and lessons learned from the Portland event and his own 15 year career leading another non-profit that served marginalized young people.

With the combination of Matt’s natural purview and his ability as a social entrepreneur to replicate and scale, a partnership between Matt’s non-profit Helping Men Heal, the National Center for Male Trauma and Loss division of his social purpose driven company, Healthy Minds Group, and Sam Simmons has emerged. This partnership with Sam, the pioneer and catalyst of Black Male Trauma healing conferences allows for Healing Invisible Wounds of Black Men and Boys Summits to be hosted in the 20 most populated metropolitan areas of our country over the next four years.

Healing Invisible Wounds is a product of the National Center for Male Trauma and Loss. To learn about this organization including its leadership, please visit http://centerformaletrauma.com.